Corporate Travel Solutions

Corporate Travel Solutions


Our corporate travel solutions provide travel bookers, travellers and travel managers with everything they need to make booking, managing and travelling on business travel easier for everyone.

GT Online is our innovative online booking tool that allows the user to simultaneously search for flights, rail and hotels, all within the control of the company’s travel policy. GT Online is perfect for customers looking to drive efficiencies in their business travel booking process, yet works in complete harmony with our travel teams to provide a complete travel solution.


Compliance with company travel policy

With GT Online you can give your travellers and travel bookers the freedom to book their travel online, from anywhere at anytime, all within the controls of your company travel policy. Identified by a simple traffic light system, travellers and bookers will know instantly which options they are permitted to book and why.


Access to content your travellers can access on the web

GT Online includes content from multiple sources to ensure users find the same great deals they can find on the Internet by searching themselves. This content, combined with your own corporate rates and Good Travel Management’s exclusive discounts ensures you find the best deals with every search.


Save money through reduced service fees and visual guilt

By booking online you save money quickly and easily by paying a lower fee than you would for booking over the phone. However, you’ll achieve even greater savings through visual guilt because users are likely to choose lower cost options when they see search results on their screen.

GT Assist includes all the essentials a business with travelling employees needs to fulfil its duty of care responsibilities. Knowing Good Travel Management has all this taken care of gives our customers peace of mind that their travellers are supported 24 hours a day.



24-hour emergency assistance

Our team is on hand, 24 hours a day, every day of the year to support your travellers when they need it. Whether it’s a quick question or help with a bigger problem, our knowledgeable and experienced consultants will give travellers the assistance they need.


Real-time traveller tracking

It’s imperative that organisations know where their travellers are when they’re travelling on company business. With our traveller tracking solution, you can access this information whenever you need to.


Crisis management

Our crisis management service provides the reassurance travellers, their loved ones and their employers need when they’ve been affected by a crisis. We quickly locate any travellers that could be affected, define a plan to get them home and keep everyone in the loop on our progress and the traveller’s wellbeing.


Travel disruption and risk alerts

Our disruption and risk alerts advise travellers and travel bookers of any events that could affect a traveller’s trip. Sent by email, our alerts cover any events, risks or policy changes that could affect travellers including; strike action, travel advice changes, updates to passport and visa requirements and travel delays or cancellations.


Insurance reporting

All businesses need to provide insurance cover for their
employees when travelling on company business within the UK or overseas. The areas of the world and the length of time away on company business, affects the insurance cover and premiums to be paid, so businesses have to provide these details to their insurer. We make what can be a difficult task easy by providing an activity report our clients can give straight to their insurer when their renewal is due each year.

GT Trip Check is a mobile application for travellers to view details of their current, future and past itineraries. With no need to print and carry copies of itineraries, it gives travellers all the information they need at the touch of a button.


Download and share itinerary with others

Our mobile app allows travellers to quickly and easily download their trip to their calendar and share their trip details with colleagues and/or family members.


Check-in online for flight bookings

Online check-in is simple with our mobile app – travellers can check-in online, from anywhere whenever they’re ready.


View real-time itinerary details

Staying up to date whilst on the move is easy with real-time itinerary details on your mobile.


View city guides, maps, weather and directions

Our app provides travellers with destination information and handy travel tips, which helps them prepare for their trip.

GT Analytics gives you invaluable insight into your business travel activity. Not only does it let you know what you’re spending, with which suppliers and why, it helps you leverage this data to identify opportunities for improvement within your travel programme. Your account manager will use GT Analytics and make recommendations on changes you could make that will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line, traveller experience or employee productivity.

You’ll find out:

  • How much you spend on business travel
  • How much you save each month
  • What savings opportunities you missed out on and why
  • The environmental impact of your business travel
  • Purchasing trends in how you’re booking travel
  • Year on year comparisons
  • Top 10 snapshots – your top 10 suppliers, destinations and travellers
  • How often you comply with travel policy
  • Why you book outside of travel policy

Web based – Access 24/7 in real-time

Visual display – Bring your data to life with visual display

Focus – Apply filters to focus on the data you need

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